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Frequently Asked Questions

Laws On Towing A Car In California?
Can I Tow A Car In California With A Tow Strap

Before you tow a car or truck, you want to make sure that you are abiding by all the driving safety laws in the state that you are in. California driving statutes may not explicitly mention tow straps, but by following its clearly stated guidelines, you can ensure you will be towing both safely and legally. Ignoring these laws will likely result in fines and infractions and might even contribute to accidents, so keep safety in mind.




Ensure that the vehicle has a regular drawbar, a tongue or other connection, whether you are towing via a flatbed truck, tow truck or other vehicle, as required by California Department of Motor Vehicles regulations. A drawbar is mounted on to the vehicle that does the hauling and is typically used for hauling railroad cars and boats, while a tongue is a ball hitch mounted to the underside of the bumper and suitable for towing trailers and other vehicles. While a tongue cannot be removed, a drawbar can.

Couple both vehicles together using a safety chain, cable or tow strap once the towed vehicle has been attached to the tongue, drawbar or other connection. Take the hook end of the safety chain, cable or tow strap and attach it to the tongue or drawbar, so that the towed vehicle will remain connected to the towing vehicle even if the tongue or drawbar become detached.

Add two additional safety chains or tow straps to tie the vehicles together before you can being towing. This is a requirement of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. These two safety chains will be applied to the vehicle the same way as the safety chain, cable or two strap are applied as in Step 2 and simply offer additional towing security should any of the connections detach.

Read more: How to Use a Tow Strap in California | }{

Car Towing Services?
I Live In An Apartment Community That Has Assigned Parking Spaces. For A While Now We Have Had People Parking In Our Space. The Landlord Say That We Have The Right To Tow Their Vehicle. How Do We Go About Doing That And Do We Have To Pay Anything To The Towing Company?

yes you can have them towed. no it wont cost you.
my friend owns a towing company. he even gets call from restaurants and other business that if your parked on there lot. and your not in there building shopping he gets the call to come and tow it. he must wait at least 15 minutes after the call. he even has contracts with business owners that pay him to tow them they have so much parking and its for customers only. he has towed countless cars from assigned parking spots. as soon as he hooks up your charged. the owner of the car is. his price just to take it back off and put it down.if the person comes out after hook up is 60 bucks. so call on the people who take your spots a 60 dollar lesson will teach them not to do it again

Are There Any Companies That Tow Motorcycles?
Companies That Tow Motorcycles Across States?

tow? Any towing company can tow a bike.
Across states? A towing company wont usually go a long distance. Tow bikes are usually disabled, and are towed to a garage, storage facility or residence.
Are you talking about shipping a bike?,, Estimate paying around $500.
Cheapest way is ride it yourself, or take the bus to pick ip up and ride back home.